Custom Design

Each home is custom built to your design & specifications. Jack Anderson, B.E.S. (Arch.) of Greenplan will design your dream home as the first step to making it a reality. Your home and base will be built completely onsite on our 1,000 ton marine way. You will be able to watch all the phases of construction as it progresses from start through to the final launch. Construction specifications are being drawn up and will be ready in a couple of weeks. Our theme is a West Coast Modern look with a big emphasis on green building practices. We expect to see homes that use solar panels and an inverter/battery bank for led lights, gas fired heat pumps that draw from the ocean, gas appliances, passive solar designs, etc. Complete with all the features and city services that other homes have except no yard to maintain and safe from earthquakes & flooding.

HHM Design Guidelines High res PDF  (45MB)

HHM Design Guidelines Low res PDF  (12MB)